Our Sessions


We run 2 sessions a week on a Thursday Evening

at Gravenhurst Methodist Church.


We believe that by splitting the groups by age we are able to provide activities and games that can build up the children's confidence and improvisation skills without them feeling as though it's too challenging or too young for them.

Currently we are running 2 age groups which are the following:

Mini Storytellers - 4pm - 5pm

3 - 5 years

Storytellers - 5:15pm - 6:45pm

6 - 12 years

We offer a free taster session so that children are able to come along and get a feel for it and decide whether it is something they would enjoy.

We encourage our Mini Storytellers and our Storytellers to be left on their own in the hall as this allows the children to fully discover their potential without any distractions around them. There is a room within the Methodist Church that parents/carers are more than welcome to wait in during the session. If your child needs assistance in the toilet then we ask that you stay in the back room and we will send your child out to you when they need to go.

We run our sessions term time only based on the Central Bedfordshire Council Calendar which can be found here. All of those dates are reflected in our calendar below.

We are happy to be flexible and adapt to assist individual children. For example If you have 2 or more children who would like to join, depending on their abilities and confidence we can put them in the same group even if they are older/younger than the ages stated. The age groups are more of a guideline as it's more based on abilities and confidence.

Please do get in contact, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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